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You probably remember the first time you were pregnant. Such exciting times! Can't blame anyone for going overboard with buying baby items but once your bundle of joy is born, you realise that time is passing really quickly and before you know it,baby stores online, he has outgrown all those items! If you are trying for a second one, all good. For many who aren't,baby safety, they will find experience a twinge of heartache of having to cast those items into permanent storage or to the dumps. But what if I told you there are ways to salvage most of those items? Check out this list for ways to repurpose them before you call the garbage collector!

Formula cans

Formula cans give you ample opportunities to bring out the DIY goddess in you; from vases and piggy banks to pencil holders and kitchen/bathroom storage, the possibilities are really endless! You know those hair tools and combs that are always scattered all around the bathroom sink? Just pop them into an old formula can! Works for the kitchen and your workspace too. For ideas on how you can prettify those cans for this purpose, search for 'formula can craft' on Pinterest. You're welcome!

Baby clothes

A great option would be to donate them to charities. Parents Without Partners, an NGO designed to raise funds to assist single parents in need recently founded the Jumble Station, a community outreach that accepts donations in the form of baby clothes, books, toys and etc. Otherwise, there is always the option to make a memory quilt out of them. Memory quilts are a great way to preserve those memories e.g. your little one crawling for the first time, the one she came home from the ward in... Put your sewing skills to test with this handy guide! - ... thes-quilt

Baby food jars

Baby food jars are my favourites because I consider myself quite the domestic goddess. Whether you're processing a batch of peanut butter or cooking up some delicious, seasonal berries' jam, there is nothing better than having a bunch of empty baby food jars you can use as storage. You can even decorate the jars to give away as gifts for your relatives and friends! Besides storage for food, they can also be made into party favours and art projects (with your little one). For some great ideas on how to decorate them, check out Mumtastic's list of 31 ridiculously epic baby food jar crafts! - ... /#/slide/1


Finally, something that will be right up daddy's alley. Talk about getting rid of it and getting something useful at the same time! A crib can be turned into a bench, a study desk, a magazine rack or even a cute wall hanger/organiser! No degree in carpentry needed with the easy-to-follow guides compiled by the creative people at Architecture Art and Design. ... bys-cribs/

Baby toys

The internet has no shortage of ideas on how to repurpose your little one's toys and boy, are some of them creative! If you have a boy, you probably have a lot of toy trucks lying around. You can repurpose them into a vase for succulents (truckulents, anybody?)! Lego bricks can be used to make practically everything; thousands of them can even build you an island. Other things you can make with Lego bricks include iPhone stand, photo frames and desk organisers.

Muslin swaddle blankets/burp cloths

If you are not expecting another baby, it is time to put these items to other good uses. Remember when I said that muslin swaddles are great multi taskers? Turns out, their multitasking abilities are not limited to the baby! I was dressed up in an all-black outfit a few days ago when I realised that it looked too drab, so I ended up using one of the patterned ones as a scarf (I mean, have you seen how beautiful some of them are?)! Dish rags are another obvious choice, and I have also seen my creative mummy friend sew them into baby dolls' clothes.

Changing table

This proves to be the most versatile one, and you can usually “up-cycle” it with minimal effort. I turned mine into a gardening/potting table because I dislike spending money on items that are meant for outside use. My husband also had the brilliant idea to turn it into an entertainment centre for his gaming consoles. For more ideas on how to repurpose it, this Popsugar list is your best friend in DIY. - ... o-22828829

Baby gate

Another baby item that will make a good magazine rack is the baby gate. And speaking of racks, baby gate is just as versatile as the changing table, if not more. From organising your jewellery to being used as a backdrop from which to hang your family photos, you will be hard-pressed to find something you cannot do with it; I've even seen it being repurposed into a dog crate!

Baby wipes containers

Applecrumby & Fish, Malaysia's best online baby store, recently started selling their own brand of premium baby wipes at the most affordable pricing. Baby wipes are often known as a parent's best friend, and for good reasons too. I,baby nappies, for one, use them for practically everything. The only problem is the containers that are left lying around once you're finished with them. Don't throw them away just yet! You can salvage them by using them as storage for toys, plastic figurines, art supplies and etc. You can also use them as drawer organisers and plastic bag dispensers.
Or just turn it into an art project with your child by making these beautiful playhouse doors out of them!

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